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The terms, “Twisted Bayou” taken together (and including sub-strings such at T Bayou) is a common law trademark and service mark for entertainment products and services related to books, music, still photography, cinema, and video first used in American interstate and international commerce since July of 2005, when the domain,,, and, were registered as domain names.

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2 Responses to Licensing

  1. Rev Tom E King

    May we use, with proper credit to you, the image of St. Michael for the cover of our church bulletin: either for one week, or from time to time. We will print approximately 150 bulletins.

    • Clete

      Dr: King:

      I am just checking my website now some 18 months from the time you requested the use of the image of Saint Michael on my website.

      Sorry to respond so late; but my blog has been delayed; but I welcome you to use any images on the site as long as you give proper credit n your church bulletin.

      Yours, Michael Clete LeBlanc

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