Words Sung

Peavy T-60 Guitar, Meridan, Mississippi - 1976

Peavy T-60 Guitar, Meridan, Mississippi - 1976

      I searched for music that might have been heard in the Summer of 1963 on Woody’s radio in his 1949 Mercury Truck, on a jukebox at the Rock-a-Bye Club in Cow Island, in St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, or a truck stop near the Atchafalaya Basin.

     I found two dozen or so songs that served as points of inspiration and departure for the plot. It is at these points that I wrote my own lyrics and embedded them within the novel, signaling that upon these events, the plot thickens and stews as in a gumbo.

     In the Song List below, the name of each of my imaginary song and their first verse are placed next to the name of the the artists and their songs.

     A bibliography is provided at the end of discography for citations in the text.

S O N G    L I S T

NO. 1
iTUNES INSPIRATION: The Tom Russel Band, Evangeline Hotel

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: The Ballad of Evangeline
Like Evangeline seeking Gabriel,
She searched for fame.
Like Evangeline separated from her lover,
Fame was cast afar.
Like Evangeline when she found her dying lover,
Fame died in her arms.

Artist, Title, and Time: The Tom Russell Band, The Evangeline Hotel, 3:32
Album: Hurricane Season, Cut 7
iTunes Label and Release Date: Philo, 1991
Words and Music by Tom Russell
Publisher: Frontera Music ASCAP
Tom Russell: vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar
Andrew Hardin: guitar, 12-string guitar, 6-string bass, background vocals
William Troiani: guitar
Karl Fats Kaplin: steel guitar, fiddle,
Billy Troiani: bass guitar
Michael Warner: drums,
background vocals
Label Number: Philo Select 1141
Place and Date: Unknown

The original inspiration is no longer available on iTunes:
Artist, Title, and Time: Katy Moffat, The Evangeline Hotel, 3:54
Album: Evangeline Hotel, Cut 5
iTunes Label and Release Date: Philo, 1993
Words and Music by Tom Russell
Publisher: Frontera Music ASCAP
Vocals, Lead: Katy Moffatt
Vocals, Duets and harmony: Tom Russell
Acoustic Guitar: Katy Moffatt:
Piano: Gene Hicks
Drums: Larry Eagle and/or Andrew Hardin
String Bass: Hank Bones
Label Number: Philo Select 1148
Released: 1998; Prior release as The Greatest Show on Earth in 1993 by Philo
Place and Date:

Notes: Liner credits list copyright to Rounder Records Corp., One Camp Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 20140

NO. 2
iTUNES: Scott Ainslee, Bring It On Home to Me

Night, lonely and foggy, driving looking for my baby,
On the highway, all along a twisted bayou,
You and my money, gone,
Said all along I been twisted by you.

Artist, Title, and Time: Scott Ainslee, Bring It On Home to Me, 3:21
Album: You Better Lie Down, Cut 9
iTunes Label and Release date: Cattail Records, 2004
Words and Music by Sam Cooke
Publisher: ABKCO Music Inc, 1700 Broadway, New York, NY 10019-5905,
Scott Ainslee: vocals
Scott Ainslee: guitar, made by Jean L’Arrivee in 1990’s, a Maple, OM body guitar;
Label Number: Cattail Music
Place and Date:

Notes: Words and Music republished by Cattail Music, 101 Washington Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301 (802) 257-7391; Bookings: John or Peggy, office: 800-476-6240, office: 828-683-1997, email: info@loydartists.com

NO. 3
iTUNES INSPIRATION: K.C. Douglas, Mercury Blues

Me, I drive my black 49.
Yeah, I find my girl every time.
My black Mercury shows me a sign.
Yeah, find my baby all the time.

Artist, Title, and Time: K.C. Douglas, Mercury Blues, 2:20Album: Classic Blues from Smithsonian Folkways, Cut 5
iTunes Label and Release Date: Smithsonian Folkways, 2003
Label Number: SFW CD 40134
Music, Lyrics, Guitar and Vocals: K.C. Douglas
Place and Date: Oakland, California, 1956

Notes: Recorded by Sam Eskins; Album compiled and annotated by Barry Lee Pearson; Original version recorded by Bob Geddins and released in 1948 on the Down Town Label.

iTUNES INSPIRATION: Ciara Wlliams, Summertime

Come here, let ya Mama rock ya,
And hush now, ain’t no harm.
Can’t ya hear ya Daddy whistlin’,
Carryin’ milk from the barn?

Artist, Title, and Time: Ciara Adams, Summertime, 4:33
Album: Ciara Adams Live At Le Sélect Bistro, Cut 3
iTunes Label and Release Date: Decadent Rare Records, 2005
Music: George Gershwin and Dorthy Heyward.
Lyrics: DuBose Heyward and Ira Gershwin
Publisher: Chappell & Co.
Vocals: Ciara Adams
Piano: Mike Janzen
Acoustic bass: Pat Colins
Place and Date: Recorded live on July 4, 2004 during the 2004 Toronto International Jazz Festival at Le Sélect Bistro, a restaurant located on 328 Queen Street W, Toronto, ON Canada M5V IE3.

Notes: Decadent Rare Records, 155 Havelokck Street, Toronto, ON Canada M6H 3B7

NO. 5
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Kelly Hogan, Right or Wrong

Shake my kink,
Just a wink.
Side by side,
Take a ride.
All the way,
Sweet Young Thing.
All the way,
Down the road.

Artist, Title, and Time: Kelly Hogan, Right or Wrong, 3:49
Album: Hard-Head Woman: A Celebration of Wanda Jackson, Cut 5
iTunes Label and Release date: Bloodshot Records, 2004
Music Publisher: Bloodshot Records
Words and Music by Wanda Jackson
Published by Combine Music Corp/EMI Blackwood Music Pub (BMI)
Vocals: Kelly Hogan
Human Theremin: Kelly Hogan
Guitar: Joel Paterson
Drums: Joel Paterson
Piano: Scot Ligon
Record Number: Bloodshot Records BS 077
Place and Date: Chicago, Illinois (?)

Notes: Bloodshot Records, 3039 W. Irving Oark Road, Chicago, IL 60618; bloodshotrecords.com

Original Recording
Artist, Title, and Time: Wanda Jackson, Right or Wrong, 2:40
Current Label: K-tel Presents Wanda Jackson – Sweet Nothin’s
Place and Date: Capitol Single 4553, April 17, 1961 or April 10, 1961

Notes: Wanda Jackson Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 891498, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73189-1498

iTUNES INSPIRATION: Clifton Chenier, Blues After Hours

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Blues De Tard Dans Le Matin / Late Mornin’ Blues:
Cajun French
Éoù tu as passé tout hier-au-soir?
Et tu viens asteure pour me faire accroire.
Éoù tu était traîner et rôder?
Et tu est presque toute déshabiller.
Et tu retournes bien tard dans le matin,
Et tu fais enfin comme ci c’est à rien.

Where did ya spend all last night?
And ya come to try to make me believe.
Where were ya wanderin’ and ramblin’?
And ya nearly half dressed.
And ya come back so late in the mornin’,
And ya act in the end like it’s nothin’.

Artist, Title, and Time: Clifton Chenier, Blues After Hours, 3:33
Album: The King of Zydeco “Sings the Blues”, Cut 5
Itunes Label and Release Date: Arhoolie Records, 2004
Words and music by Clifton Chenier
Vocals and Accorion: Clifton Chenier
Rub Board: Cleveland Chenier
Label Number: Arhoolie Records, CASS 1097; original LP released 1987.
Place and Date: 1987

Notes: Arhoolie Productions, Inc., 10341 San Pablo Ave., El Cerrito, CA 94530, Phone: 510.525.7471, Fax: 510.525.1204; marketing: info@arhoolie.com

NO. 7
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Balfa Brothers, Blues du Militaire

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Blues Tordues Encore / Twisted Blues Again

Cajun French :
J’ai me levé très lourd triste avec sans espoirs;
Et là j’ai connu bien, les blues tordus encore;
J’ai causé et charré, avec le soleil noir;
Et là j’ai connu donc, l’amour a mouri fort.

I woke up heavy, sad without hopes;
And then, I knew well, the twisted blues again.
I spoke and talked, with the black sun;
And there, I knew well then, love had died hard.

Artist, Title, and Time: Balfa Brothers, Les Blues du Militaire, 3:00

Album: J’ai Vu Le Loup, Le Renard et La Belette, Cut 5
Music and Lyrics, Traditional, arranged by Dewey Balfa
Vocal: Rodney Balfa
Harmonica: Rodney Balfa
Guitar: Tony Balfa
Label Number: Rounder CD 6007, June 10, 2002; (Prior release by Cezame CEZ 1008 in France, 1976)
Place and Date:

NO. 8
iTUNES INSPIRATION: The Swan Silvertones, Jesus Met the Woman at the Well

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Jesus Met the Woman at the Well
Jesus met me at the well,
Sing, oh sing, don’t ya know?
I say, me I will tell,
Oh, not so long ago.
Jesus met me, at the well,
Sing, oh sing, don’t ya know?
I say, me I will tell,
Oh, not so long ago.

Artist, Title, and Time: The Swan Silverstones, Jesus Met The Woman At The Well, 3:07
Album: The Swan Silvertones 1946-1951, Cut 7 of 22, Disc 2 of 2
iTunes Label and Release Date: Acrobat Music, 2005
Words and Music:
Lead vocal: Rev. Claude Jeter
Lead vocal: Solomon Womack
Tenor vocal: Rev. Robert Crenshaw
Tenor vocal: John Mason
Bass Vocal: Henry K. Bossard
Baritone vocal: John H. Myles
Label Number: Acrobat (USA) 3004; June 21, 2005
Place and Date: Originally released on King Records of Cincinnati from 1946 through 1951

NO. 9
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Charles Brown, Black Night

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Crazy, Lazy, Hazy Night
Crazy night, long lost dawn’s hidin’.
My woman, bad and long gone.
Been ramblin’, me and the shadows.
Singin’ a lonesome song

Artist, Title, and Time: Charles Brown, Black Night, 3:10
Album: Sunshine In My Life, Cut 7
iTunes Label and Release Date: Horgi Music (Magnum Music), 2007
Words and Music by Charles Brown and Jessie Mae Robinson
Vocal: Charles Brown
Label Number: Horgi Music (Magnum Music); also Collector’s Edition, October 25, 2002
Place and Date:

Artist, Title, and Time: Charles Brown, Black Night, 3:07
Label: Alladin, No. 3076 (10” 78 rpm)
Place and Date: December 21, 1951; Radio Recorders, Los Angels, California

NO. 10
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Magnolia Sisters, Brasse Donc le Couche-Couche

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Le 10 Septembre, 1935…/September 10, 1935 …

Cajun French
Échappes avec moi, ma mignon gamine,
On va se marié, la bas au Texas.
Échappes avec moi, ma belle amant blonde,
On va faire notre vie, bien libre et bien riche.
Avec un bon union job, bien payé.

Run away with me, my cute girl,
We will marry each other over there in Texas.
Run away with me, my pretty blond lover,
We will make a life, very free and very rich.
With a good union job, well paid.

Artist, Title, and Time: The Magnolia Sister (Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine), Brasse Donc Couche-Couche, Grand Texas
Album: Predns Courage, Cut 5
iTunes Label and Release Date: Prends Courage, 1995
Words and Music by Leroy Broussard
Ann Savoy: vocals, guitar, fiddle, accordion, rubboard
Jane Vidrine: vocals, guitar, fiddle , triangle
Deborah Helen Viator: vocals, guitar
Tina Pilone: guitar, fiddle
Lisa MacCauley: guitar, triangle
Label and Number: Arhoolie 439
Place and Date: Acadiana Sound Studio, Eunice, Louisiana

See François (1995:348-349) for music and lyric transcription and copyright attributed to Leroy Broussard on the La Louisiane label, 711 Stevenson Street, Lafayette, Louisiana 70501.

NO. 11
iTUNES INSPIRATION: G. G. Vikey, La Berceuse Du Mono

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: La Berceuse Cadienne/The Cajun Lullabye

Cajun French:
Fermes tes yeux,
Tes p’tits yeux brun.
Fermes tes yeux,
Tes p’tits yeux brun.
Fermes tes yeux,
Et fais do-do.

Close your eyes,
Your little brown eyes
Close your eyes,
Your little brown eyes
Close your eyes,
And go to sleep.

A special note: I wrote and composed the words and music of La Berceuse Cadienne in 1982 in Abbeville in celebration of the birth of my son. The song remains unrecorded. The piece of music cited below is closest song on iTunes that I could find to the feeling of a father singing to his child a capella.

Artist, Title, and Time: G.G. Vikey, La Berceuse du Mono, 2:55.
Album: Chantre de la negretude et sa guitar africaine (Bolibana Collection)
iTunes Label and Release Date: Bolibana, March 29, 2011
Vocals, Guitar, Words and Music by G.G. Vikey
Label Number: Bolibana
Place and Date: Mali (?)

NO. 12
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Mack, Manuel & Jesse Lege, Allons a Lafayette

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Pack Ton Bag/Pack Your Bag

Cajun French:
Allons p’tite fille
droit asteure
pack ton bag.
Je vas back
mon vieux truck
au highway.

Let’s go girl
right now
pack your bag.
I will back
my old truck
on the highway.

Artist, Title, and Time: Mack Manual, Jesse Legé and The Lake Charles Ramblers, Allons a Lafayette, 3:49

Album: Memoires du Passe, Cut 10
iTunes Label and Release Date: October 16, 1997
Words and Music: Traditional
Vocals Accordion: Jesse Legé
Steel Guitar:Orsy “RC” Vanicor
Rhythm Guitar: Leetal Hanks
Bass Guitar: Mack Manuel
Fiddle:Elzie Matthews
Drums: Robert LaPoint
Label Number: Swallow Records, SW- 6141
Place and Date: MasterTrack Studio, 413 N. Parkerson Ave, Crowley, LA, 1997

Notes: Flat Town Music Company, 238 East Main Street, Ville Platte, Louisiana 70586, U.S.A.(Post Office Drawer 10, Ville Platte, Louisiana 70586; Phone: (337) 363-2177; Fax: (337)-363-2094; webmaster: Paula O’conner Email: paula@flattownmusic.com;

NO. 13
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Roy Brule, Allons Dancer, Colinda

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Quand on Danse/When We Dance

Cajun French:
Prends moi dans tes bras
et je vas te embrasser
bien tight, quand on danse
en printemps de la soirée
tes yeux verts — les clos du riz.

Take me in your arms
and then I will embrace you
real tight, when we dance
in the spring of the evening
your green eyes – the fields of rice.

Artist, Title, and Time: Roy Brulé, Allons Dancer Colinda

Album: Folk Music U.S.A.: Volume 1, Cut 14
iTunes Label and Release Date: None
Words and music: Traditional
Vocals and accordion: Roy Brulé
Label Number: Folkway Records , FE- 4530
Place and Date: Abbeville Louisiana, 1956-57

Notes: Song recorded by I. Bronstein; Album compiled by Harold Courlander and Moses Asch; Released 1958; Liner notes by harles Edward Smith.

NO. 14
iTUNES INSPIRATION: James Luther Dinkinson, Hadacol Boogie

If ya wanna real big soireé,
Do the Hadacol sashay.
If ya wanna big occasion,
Call a Hadacol Cajun.

Artist, Title, and Time: James Luther Dickinson, Hadacol Boogie, 3:06

Album: Jungle Jim and the Voodoo Tiger, Cut 6
iTunes Label and Release Date: Memphis International Records, 2006
Words and Music by Bill Nettles (BMI)
Vocal: James Luther “Jim” Dickinson
Background Vocals: Reba Russell, Jimmy Davis, i.e. The Hoot Owls
Guitar: Luther Dickinson
Drums: Cody Dickinson
Acoustic Bass: Amy Lavere
Electric Bass: Paul Taylor
Violin: Burroughs
Label and number: Memphis International Records, DOT 215
Place and Date: Zebra Ranch, Independence, Mississippi, December, 2005

NO. 15
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Bobby Charles, The Legend of Jolie Blonde

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Would you like to come again?

Sweet Joile Blonde, place your hand in mine.
Let me see those seen green eyes to smile.
Let us dance again, like we did for a time.
And let me smell the magnolias for a while.

Artist, Title, and Time: Bobby Charles , Last Train To Memphis, 5:56
Album: The Legend of Jolie Blond, Disk 1 of 2, Cut 2
iTunes Label and Release Date: Bogalusa Records, 2005
Vocal, Words and Music: Bobby Charles
Background Vocals: Geoff Muldaur
Acoustic Guitar: Geoff Muldaur
Slide Acoustic Guitar: Martin Simpson
Accordion: Pat Breaux
Fiddle: Rufus Thibodeaux
Bass: David Hyde
Label: Bogulusa 350 (Rice N’Gravy Records -2003)
Place and Date: Dockside Studio, Maurice, Louisiana March, 1999

Notes: Bogalusa Records, P.O. Box 958, Bogulusa, LA 70429-0958 985-732-2942 realrecords@hotmail.com ; Published by Music Patch (BMI)

NO. 16
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Cleoma Breaux, Joe Falcon, Orphy Breaux, Prenez Courage

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Places Courage Dans Ton Cœur/ Put Courage in Your Heart

Cajun French:
Dit pas que t’as peur, mais qua’ même que t’as les trembles.
Oui, ça prend le courage, pour le faire, chère.
Places courage dans ton cœur, parce que on est ensemble.
Ça prend l’esprit, pour le satisfaire, chère.

Say not you are afraid, even though you tremble.
Yes, it takes courage, to do it, cher.
Put courage in your heart, because we are together.

Artist, Title, and Time: Cleoma Breaux, and Joe Falcon, Prenez Courage, 2:57
Album: Cleoma B. Falcon, Side 2, Cut 1 (LP -33 RPM)
iTunes Label and Release Date: April 4, 2006
Words and Music: Cleoma B. Falcon
Published by Johnnie Allen Music Co. BMI
Vocal: Cleoma Breaux
Guitar: Cleoma Breaux
Accordion: Joe Falcon
Place and Date: Atlanta, GA; March 18, 1929
Label: Okeh 90003 W110550-s (Columbia 46220);

Notes: Re-release album name: Cleoma B. Falcon, A Cajun Music Classic, 12″ 33 RPM,1983 JADFEL Record Co., 204 Kevin Drive, Lafayette LA 70507; LP 101, Side 2 Cut 1, Prends Donc Courage (Have Courage) 2:52; Words and Music Cleoma B. Falcon.Cleopha Breaux: Fiddle; Guitar: Cleoma Breaux; Accordian: Joe Falcon; Johnnie Allen Music Co. BMI JADFEL Record Co.; owned by Johnnie Allen. http://www.johnnieallan.com; johnniea6@aol.com; Cleoma Breaux was Johnnie Allen’s aunt. Johnnie Allen is a Swamp Pop musician;

NO. 17
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Menhaden Chanteymen, My Way Seems So Hard

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Keep Me From Sinking Down
I tell you what I mean to do,
Keep me from sinking down;
I mean to go to heaven too,
Keep me from sinking down.

Artist, Title, and Time: The Menhaden Chantymen, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, 3:45

Album: Won’t You Help Me Raise ‘Em, Authentic Net-Hauling Songs from An African-American Fishery, Cut 8
iTunes Label and Release Date: Global Village Music, 1990
Words and Music: traditional
Vocals: John Jones, Leroy Cox, John Bell, Garfield Ellison, William Henry, John Simmons, Jr, John Henry Pritchett, Garland Fulcher, Raymond Taylor, Ernest Davis, Wesley Ingram, Howard Wilson, Phillip Parker
Place and Date: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Beaufort, North Carolina , December 2, 1990
Notes: Global Village Music , 245 West 29th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001 212-695-6024; Lyric transcription: Michael Luster; Lyrics used in the novel are taken from Hymn No. 21, Keep me from sinking down, in Marsh (1880:145.)

NO. 18

iTUNES INSPIRATION: Marie Knight and Kim Wilson, Death Don’t Have No Mercy

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: We’ll Take Wings and Fly Away
You may bury us in the East;
You may bury us in the West;
But we’ll hear the trumpet sound,
In that foggy night, my Lord.

Artist, Title, and Time: Marie Knight and Kim Wilson, Death Have No Mercy, 6:09

Album: Let Us Get Together: A Tribute to Gary Davis, Cut 10
iTunes Label and Release Date: June 26, 2007
Words and Music: Tradtional
Harmonica: Kim Wilson
Vocal: Marie Knight
Guitar: Larry Campbell
Acoustic Bass Guitar (?): Lincoln Schleifer
Label: M.C. Records
Place and Date: Released June 26, 2007

NO. 19
CD BABY: Chris Miller and Bayou Roots, La Belle Dans Mes Reves

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Je peux attendre sa voix/I can hear her voice

Cajun French:
Équand je ferme mes yeux
dans mon lit, ennuyant et sans espoir;

Équand je marche
dans mes rêves, abîmer et bleu;

When I close my eyes
in my bed, lonely and without hope;

When I walk
in my dreams, beaten and blue;

Artist, Title, and Time:Chris Miller and Bayou Roots, La Belle Dans Mes Rêves, 3:37
Album: Bayou Roots, Cut 14
iTunes Label and Release Date: not available; See link to CD Baby
Words and Music by Chris Miller
Publisher: BMI
Vocals: Chris Miller
Accordion: Steve Miller
Guitar: Chris Miller
Guitar: Steve Dougay
Label: CPM 100-01
Place and Date: Max Tracks, Crowley, Louisiana and Songbird Studio, Lafayette, Louisiana, Spring, 2005

Notes: Chris Miller, 4417 Ashland St., Lake Charles, LA 70605, Phone 1: 337-302-5989 Phone 2: 337-478-6467; Bayouroots.com, chris@bayouroots.com

NO. 20
iTUNES INSPIRATION: The Stephane Wrembel Trio, Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Of Doubles and Troubles

Dreams speak silent tongues.

You’ll not catch some that reel and skip along,
except the ones
eclipsing into the night of mourning.
Of doubles and troubles,
Just dream and snuggle.

Artist, Title, and Time: The Stephane Wrembel Trio, Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams, 4:44

Album: Gypsy Rumble, Cut 15
iTunes Label and Release Date: Amoeba Records, November 4, 2008
Words and Music by Harry Harris
Vocals: Brandi Shearer
Lead Guitar: Stephane Wrembel
Rhythm Guitar: Robin Nolan
Mandolin: David Grisman
Bass: Simon Planting
Soprano Saxophone and Clarinet: Ralph Carney
Label Number: Amoeba AM-0003
Place and Date:

The original inspiration is no longer available on iTunes:

Artist, Title, and Time: Marc Laferrière Quintet, Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away), 5:14
Album: April In Berry, Swing Land Vol. 26, Cut 12
iTunes Label and Release Date: Jazzophile Jazztrade, 2001
Words and Music by Harry Harris
Vocals, Lead:
Acoustic Guitar:
String Bass:
Place and Date:

NO. 21
iTUNES INSPIRATION: The Pine leaf Boys, Pine Grove Blues

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Dancer la Grand Dance/To Dance the Grand Dance

Cajun French:
Oh ma chère p’tite catin,
Èou tu retournes dans la matin?
Comme une tortue paresseusement,
Qui marche tout’l’temps aussi placidement?

Oh mon vieux bougre,
Je vas te tirer un chique vraiment.
J’ai passé la soirée aussi content.

Oh my dear little doll,
Where you do come from in the morning,
like a lazy turtle,
who walks always so placidly?

Oh my old man,
I will throw you a insult truly.
I passed the evening so contently.

Artist, Title, and Time: Pine Leaf Boys, Pine Grove Blues, 5:32

Album: Allons boire un coup: A Collection of Cajun and Creole Drinking Songs
iTunes Label and Release Date:Valcour Records, 2006
Words and Music by Nathan Abshire
Accordion, Organ, and Vocals: Wilson Savoy
Wayward Woman: Anna Laura Edmiston
Fiddle: Cedric Watson
Guitar: Jon Bertrand
Bass: Blake Miller
Drums: Drew Simon
Label Number: VAL-CD-0002
Place and Date:

Original Recording
Artist, Title, and Time: Nathan Abshire, Pine Grove Blues,
Album: The Great Cajun Accordionist, Cut 20
Vocal: Nathan Abshire
Accordion: Nathan Abshire
Fiddle: Merlin Fontenot
Fiddle: Rufus Thibodeaux
Guitar: Dulis Landry
Triangle: Carol Rachou
Label Number: La Louisianne LL-144 (Reissue Ace CDCHD 401, 1993)
Place and Date: La Louisiana Studio, 711 Stevenson St., Lafayette, LA 70501; 337-234-5577, August 27, 1978

Notes: valcourrecords.com

NO. 22
iTUNES INSPIRATION: The Choir of Christ Church St Laurence, Kyrie Elison


Cajun French:
Seigneur, prends pitié;
Christ, prends pitié ;
Seigneur, prends pitié.

Lord, have mercy;
Christ, have mercy;
Lord, have mercy.

Artist, Title, and Time: The Choir Of Christ Church St Laurence, Kyrie, 1:58

Album: Requiem, Cut 12
iTunes Label and Release Date: St. Laurence Music, 2007
Words and Music: Traditional
Vocals: Choir Of Christ Church
Label Number:
Place and Date: Christ Church St Laurence, 812 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000 Australia ; date unknown

Notes: Christ Church St Laurence, PO Box 1324, Haymarket, NSW 1240 Australia; Phone: +61-2-9211 0560; Fax: +61-2-9212 2449;

NO. 23
iTUNES INSPIRATION: D.L. Menard, La Porte en Arriere

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Un Autre Pauvre Couillon/Another Poor Foo

Cajun French:
Un fois, j’étais au bal pour m’amuser.
Et là, j’ai dansé avec, ma tout-toute.
Mais ma belle étais avec un autre bougre,
Un autre pauvre couillon, juste comme moi et toi.
Et là, la grande bataille a commencé

One time, I went to the dance to have fun.
And there I danced with my girl friend.
But my belle was with another fellow,
Another poor fool, just like you and me.
And there, the grand fight started.

Artist, Title, and Time: D.L. Menard, The Back Door (La Porte en Arrière), 2:13

Album: The Back Door and Other Cajun Classics, Cut 2
iTunes Label and Release Date: Swallow Records, 2000
Words and Music by Doris Leon “D.L.” Menard
Vocals, Lead: D.L. Menard
Acoustic Guitar: D.L. Menard
String Bass:
Field Holler:
Label Number: Swallow Records, June 20, 2000
Place and Date: 1961, Swallow Records, 238 East Main Street, Ville Platte, Louisiana 70586 (337)363-2177); Lyric Transcription: Ancelet et al (1999:53). Compare music and lyric transcription by François (1995:446-447).

Notes: Copyright credited Flat Town Music, P.O. Box 10, Ville Platte, LA 70586 in Ancellet et al (1999).

NO. 24
iTUNES INSPIRATION: Sterling Jubilee Singers, Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: The Vials of Seven Angels
And the first angel poured out his vial upon the earth;
And there fell a grievous sore so none would give birth.
Go your ways, and pour out your vials,
The wrath of our God has brought these trials.

Artist, Title, and Time: John Alexander’s Sterling Jubilee Singers, Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb, 2:59

Album: Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb, Cut 1
iTunes Label and Release Date: January 1, 1997
Words and Music by L.V. McCullom
Publisher: Edwin H. Morris/ASCAP
Ruben Alexander: Tenor, Baritone, Bass
John Alexander: Tenor, Baritone
Sam M. Lewis: Bass
Label Number: New World Records
Place and Date: Hoover Public Library, Straight Place, Bessemer, Alabama; November 22, 1993 to August 20, 1994.

Notes: New World Records/Database of Recorded American Music, 20 Jay Street,
Suite 1001, Brooklyn, NY 10004; Telephone: 212.290.1680; Fax: 646.224.9638; Email: info@newworldrecords.org

The original inspiration is not available on iTunes:
Artist, Title, and Time: Heavenly Lights Quartet; Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb; 3:24
Album: Bondi A Cappella, Cut 2
iTunes Label and Release Date: None
Words and Music by L.V. McCullom
Arranged by Tony Backhouse
Publisher: Edwin H. Morris/ASCAP
Lead Vocalist: Rob Maxwell Jones
Vocal: Tony Backhouse
Vocal: Stuart Davis
Label (produced) Australia Council for the Arts, News South Wales Ministry for the Arts, Bondi Pavilliion Community Cultural Center, and Waverly Council.
Label Number: None
Place and Date: Bondi, New South Wales, Austrailia, Bondi Pavillion Recording Studio, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach NSW 2026, tel. 8362 3400 fax. 8362 3420; recorded 2004.
Notes: Tony Backhouse, Café of the Gate of Salvation, 2/11 Castlefield St, Bondi New South Wales, 2026 Phone: 02-9365-0653 tonybackhouse@primus.com.au

Original Recording
Artist, Title, and Time: The Pilgrim Travelers, 2:28
Album: The Pilgrim Travellers, Volume 2, Cut 14
iTunes Label and Release Date: 1971
Re-release: Label Number and Date: Specialty Records, 7204; May 1, 1999,

NO. 25

iTUNES INSPIRATION: The Basin Brothers, My True Love

TWISTED BAYOU LYRICS: Le Pantoum de Woody/Woody’s Pantoum

Cajun French:
Traverses la rivière.
C’est long distance qui m’appelle.
Je vas chesser tes yeux verts.
J’attends les nouvelles.

Cross the river.
It’s long distance that calls me.
I will dry your green eyes.
I hear well the news.

Artist, Title, and Time: Basin Brothers, My True Love, 3:28
Album: Stayin’Cajun, Cut 11
iTunes Label and Release Date: Flying Fish, December 12, 1991
Words and Music by The Balfa Brothers
Al Berard: vocals, guitar, fiddle
Danny Collet: vocals, guitar, accordion
Dwyne Brasseaux: bass guitar
Keith Blanchard: drums
Tony Daigle: hand claps
Label Number: Flying Fish Records
Place and Date: Techno Sound Studios, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Lyric Transcription: François (1995) and original liner notes.

The original inspiration is not available on iTunes:
Artist, Title, and Time: Lafayette Rhythm Devils, My True Love, 4:17
Album: Lafayette Rhythm Devils, Cut 2
iTunes Label and Release Date: none
Words and Music by The Balfa Brothers
Vocal: Randy Vidrine
Accordion: Peppy Carmello
Guitar: Randy Vidrine
Bass: Mitchell Reed
Violin: Mitchell Reed
Label Number: Z’affaire Records 2413
Place and Date: Forum Trade Studio, Lafayette, Louisiana, July, 2003 by Jerry LeJeunne
Lyric Transcription: François (1995) and original liner notes.

Notes: Randy Vidrine, and Mitchel Reed appear courtesy of Rounder Records. Z’affaire Records is located in Ville Platte, Louisiana. See http://www.lafayetterhythmdevils.com/lrd_music.html

Original Recording:
Artist, Title, and Time: The Balfa Brothers, My True Love
Album: The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music, Volume I and II, Disk 1 of 1, Cut 15
iTunes Label and Release Date:
Label: Swallow Records June 5, 1991 Upc: 046346601129
Originally released on Swallow (6011) in 1965 and Swallow (6019) in 1974.
Words and Music: Burkeman Balfa, Dewey Balfa, Rodney Balfa, Will Balfa, and Hadley Fontenot
Accordion: Hadley Fontenot

Notes See François (1995:49-51) for Blues de Texas, recorded by Dennis McGee, the lyrics of first verse being very similar to the first verse of Lafayette Rhythm Devils and the Balfa Brother’s version.

My Texan Framus Guitar, 1967, Bavaria

My Texan Framus Guitar, 1967, Bavaria

D E T A I L E D   B I B L I O G R A P H Y

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     1999     Cajun and Creole Music Makers, Musiciens cadiens et crèole. Jackson: University of Mississippi

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     1880     The Story of the Jubilee Singers with their songs. Boston: H.O. Houghton and Company.

Hands and Cajun Triangle - Color

Hands and Cajun Triangle - Color

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